All About Concept Map - Factual Information That You Need To Be Aware of


The central teaching strategy that has been practiced within the classroom is the use of different learning styles, and because the exam seasons is coming near, it has become even more pressing to search for effective methods that allow learners to absorb key information and transform it into memorable chunks. Surely, you do know about how useful keywords are as starting point, yet, if you add structure to these, it will become even more useful particularly with how disparate pieces of information are to the connected with a coherent story. This is where concept mapping takes the center stage.


Yet, even if that is the case, majority of us who are viewing concept maps or mind maps will primarily consider the words themselves to hold a great deal of importance, and also, the location of these words inside the diagram also possess vital information. For those of you who have not tried using a concept map before, we want you to know that the overarching ideas are present at the center of the diagram, consisting of topics that possess low level of importance, and this radiates out until the details settle at the edges. As for the relevant wedges, they are displayed through the utilization of different pictures as well as colors, and also, other aide memoirs are recommended to be used so that the creative and imaginative mind will come into play. Conversely, with regards to the links, which are said to come in the form of simple lines, they are used in showcasing several branching pathways that radiate outside from the center, giving the final concept map a spider-web structure.


There are other things that you have to know  regarding a concept map like how it possess a top down hierarchical structure. In addition to that, we want you to know as well that a concept map is a process by which a focus question and a context that does no deviate is essential. Furthermore, we want you to know that concept maps cover a spectrum of knowledge.


Many experts claim that the making of concept maps should be undertaken by professionals in the field who possess the ability to sort and sift related keywords, providing a rank value that is based on inclusivity and generality. In addition, we want you to know that the making of concept maps will include the layering and linking of words, augmenting simple and straight line linkages with the use of additional written indications of relationships.


Concept map and concept mapping is a broad topic to discuss, yet, we made sure that all the things you will learn from reading this article will give you a clear and accurate image of what it really is all about. Visit for more facts.

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